The Edelweiss distillery

home-distilled schnapps

Our recommendation: muscat grape & rowanberry

In the middle of the Edelweiss Feriendorf below Haus Paul, specialities are made from local fruit. Our selection of schnapps is sure to have some­thing for every taste: apricot, pear, plum, cherry, apple, fruit schnapps, elderberry, carrot. Our favourites are the Muscat grape and rowan­berry flavours. The rowanberry schnapps is even distilled with hand-picked berries from the Lungau region. We obtain the fruit for the other distillates from our long-standing partner, the Schreiber tree nursery in Poysdorf.

Distilling schnapps is a matter for the boss

We have Chef Otto’s passion for distilling schnapps to thank for some wonderful drops. Quality comes first. That is why the distillation process is always carried out twice. Delicious and high-quality products are the result. We warmly recommend that you try these home-distilled specialities.

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